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Melanence is a business ecosystem, that leverages community, to make starting, sustaining, and growing a business easier for entrepreneurs of color.

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What is the Melanence community?

A global network for entrepreneurs Access to weekly networking events focused on different aspects of the business. We’re the community we wish we had when we were building our businesses.

Our mission is to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs of color and their ventures, through community and mutual support.

virtual networking events

Connect with like minded entrepreneurs

Talk to your peers who are in trenches working on their businesses. Our community knows about entrepreneurship from practice, not theory.

Accountability & support

Founder Circles

Founders Circles are virtual accountability & support groups for founders of color. These circles are curated by our team based on the type of business, stage of the business, expertise of the founder, and overall business goals.

One of the largest disparities of wealth is in business. There are many unspoken structural barriers that entrepreneurs who look like me, encounter more frequently. I built Melanence to address this directly.

Juan Young

Founder & ceo, Melanence

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